CoCP Vaccine Equity Declaration

The  Circle of Cleft Professionals (CoCP) is a coalition of the world’s leading cleft lip and palate organizations. We work with thousands of health workers around the globe to support health outcomes for infants, children, and adults affected by cleft.

Worldwide, over 150,000 babies are born with cleft each year. These individuals need timely access to nutrition services, surgical care, oral health and orthodontic care, as well as speech therapy to prevent life-disability, morbidity, and premature death.

In a recent global study of cleft professionals in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), nearly 80% report a distressing decrease in the number of patients accessing critical cleft care due to the pandemic.

Though vaccines are now being distributed in more than 161 countries and territories across the world, vaccination has barely begun in the majority of LMICs.

We must prioritize rapid vaccination, beginning with health workers, to save lives and stop the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. With new variants emerging, vaccine equity is not only a moral imperative — it is a matter of global security and our shared future.

In this Year of the Health and Care Worker, we stand in solidarity with all suffering through the struggles of the pandemic. We are in complete support of the  WHO’s Vaccine Equity Declaration, and urge policymakers to prioritize health care professionals within national vaccine distribution to enable them to care for all patients and their communities safely.

We are a worldwide network of cleft professionals and cleft charity leaders with an interest in promoting Comprehensive Cleft Care (CCC) in resource-constrained contexts.


The objectives of the Circle of Cleft Professionals (CoCP) are to:


  • Facilitate collaboration and networking among Cleft Professionals with an interest in multidisciplinary care in resource-constrained contexts.

  • Communicate the impact and learning occurring within Comprehensive Cleft Care (CCC)  projects.

  • Support local teams’ growth in implementing CCC.

What do we mean by Comprehensive Cleft Care (CCC)?

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June 17 | Speech Therapy During COVID-19: What’s Next?

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Member Stories & Updates

Resources for Speech Therapy in Ethiopia

Transforming Faces announces the creation of the very first SLT training video materials available in two of the widely spoken languages in Ethiopia. These speech therapy training resources were designed by SLT expert, Dr. Cate Crowley. Yekatit 12 Hospital Medical College’s Speech Team of Berhane Abera and Hirut Menguistu also feature prominently in these resources.

Smile Train's Comprehensive Care Programs Helped Save Baby Isaac's Life

Article written by Dr. Catherine Crowley, Professor of Practice​ and Director of the Bilingual Extension Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University and one of Smile Train’s expert speech advisors.

Discovering the Causes of Cleft with Operation Smile

This story is the first of a two-part feature on the International Family Study.

ABMSS Shares Stories of CCC in India

ABMSS has embraced a comprehensive cleft care model in India, and are seeing results!

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